Open the door to new worlds where your kids can have fun and learn.

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Amazing Experiences

Jump start your child's learning and creativity with fun, exciting entertainment

All New worlds

Listen to professional narrators weave wonderful stories while images play on the screen.

Anytime anywhere

Play anywhere, anytime with mobile phones, tablets or even your computer.

Jump start

Give your child an unfair advantage, begin their learning early and expand their creativity.

Learn to read

Your child can learn to read, speak and develop comprehension while having fun.

New Stories

New stories added every month, keep your favorites and add new ones.

Parental Control

Full parental control. Only allow experiences you want your child to have.

Unlimited Opportunities

There are other apps available to read stories to your children. There are other apps that will help your child learn new things. Their goal is to make money, our goal is to give your children an unfair advantage and open the door to unlimited opportunities.

  • New and ever changing horizons
  • Entertainment and learning anytime, anywhere
  • Expand creativity and comprehension
  • New worlds and places to explore

Imagine a world where learning is fun

Imagine driving down the highway listening to your kids arguing and fighting, whining about this or that. Now, imagine them laughing, smiling, and having fun while they listen and learn with the iKibos app. Opportunities, unavailable to other children will be available to your children because they will have a better understanding of language, creativity and imagination. Traits that will advance them to the top developed while having fun.

Choose different options for a few stories per month or unlimited. Manage what your children and interactive with from the website platform.

It's Awesome

Rewards and competitions running every month

Unlimited Potential

Try it out for free, sign up for $5 a month and get unlimited potential. Each and every story is created specifically to help your child grow mentally and emotionally.

Monthly Rewards

The more you share this app with your friends and the more your child uses it, the better than chance to win one of our monthly competitions for a free tablet.


Suplement your childs learning or get them ahead of other children. Perfect for home schooled kids or to supplement school curriculum.

Affordable to everyone

Your child can't afford not to



  • Free Download
  • One Story per month
  • Unlimited plays
  • Full Parental controls
  • Website management
  • Competitions

Endless Opportunity

$5 /month

  • Free Download
  • Unlimited Stories
  • Unlimited Plays
  • Full Parental controls
  • Website management
  • Competitions

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